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30 July 2014 -Yesterday’s high level International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) meeting, which brought the alphabet soup of organisations charged with the safety of passengers in flight flocking to Montreal, produced little of consequence as expected.

The meeting was called to discuss whether or not to shift air routes in the event of civil or military strife engulfing a country and was prompted by the loss of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 by a missile strike two weeks ago.

Numerous options exist up to and including issuing an outright ban on flying over conflict or war zones.

In the event the meeting concluded with a plan to merely establish a task force to examine the issue in more depth and a warning to countries to accurately report safety concerns in timely fashion.

Some airlines have taken matters into their own hands meanwhile and begun to reroute air traffic by alternative routes.

However, this will result in longer flight times and increased fuel burn, which may have the consequence of pushing the cost of flights upward.

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